Barahbasti - Family Book and History of Pathans of Barabasti Uttar Pradesh India - Yadgar e Salf
Family Book based on Yadgar-e-Salf - Tareekh Barahbasti Afghanan

This website contains the family book of pathans of barabasti.

The villages which constitute barahbasti are: (1) Bassi (2) Bugrasi (3) Chandyana (4) Khanpur (5) Hasanpur (6) Pooth (7) Bahadurgarh (8) Sherpur (9) Muhammadpur/Rustampur (10) Doulatpur (11) Girora (12) Jalalpur (13) Gesupur (14) Umarpur (15) Hayatpura (16) Muhiuddinpur Bukalana (17) Muhammadpur  Barwala (18) Bharkaon (19) Shahjahanpur and  (20) Shahabad.

Note about Palwada: This village is part of Barahbasti but Yadgar-e-Salf does not contain any family tree for pathans living in this village.

I would request you to verify your details (at best your complete chain and the whole page of Yadgar-e-Salf on which your ancestors are listed). Please inform me any mistakes that might have occured during data entry. This website is 1:1 copy of all family trees available in Yadgar-e-Salf. If you can find the name of your grandfather in Yadgar-e-Salf, you will find his name in this website as well.  If any name is missing it is your responsibility to get those names added in website,

DO NOT ASSUME or BELIEVE that your family is documented, unless you have seen it with your EYES.

Please contact me if your name or name of any of your relatives is NOT listed in the website, provided your relatives have barahbasti origin.  For new entries following information is necessary:

  • Name
  • Father's Name
  • Grandfather's Name (DADA)
  • Grandmother's Name (DADI)
  • Mother's Name
  • Grandfather's Name (NANA)
  • Grandmother's Name (NANI)
  • Information if your parents/grandparents are alive
  • Name of your Brothers
  • Name of your Sisters
  • Spouses of your Brothers and Sisters
  • Step brothers and step sisters
  • Any nick name of all above ( the name with which individual is commonly known)
  • Date and place of birth (optional)
  • Date and place of marriage (optional)
  • Place of residence and contact telefon number

    Do you think you have or have heard from your parents, grandparents that they had origin from barahbasti, contact us (see section contact persons in barahbasti) we can help you to find your origin. If you have lost contact with your relatives across the border, we can also help to find them. 



Interesting links about History of Pathans


  1. Meri-BastiyaN-Mere-Log
    written by  Janab Abid Saeed Khan s/o Hamid Saeed Khan (sherpur)
    resident of Bugrasi
    printed in
    Diamond printers New Delhi, India

Special thanks to Yasir Khan Inaam for scanning the books and creating digital version and providing this valueable contribution to barahbasti community.

Contact persons in Barahbasti
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Javed Mehmood Khan (Bahadurgarh)
Phone Number: +91 975 9958648

Asghar Khan (Chandyana)
Phone Number: +91 971 9056356

Contact Information
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Shajrah of Pathans of Barahbasti

List of Trees from Yadgar-e-Salf Part 1

Place Page & Name of Individual

Bassi 52-1 Shaikh Isa Khan (Founder of Barahbasti)
Bassi 52-2 Sarmast Khan
Bassi 52-3 Mehmood Khan
Bassi 52-4 Ashraf Khan
Bassi 52-5 Diler Khan
Bassi 52-5 Bahadur khan
Bassi 52-6 Shehbaz Khan

Bugrasi 56-1 Shaikh Umar Khan (Founder of Bugrasi)
Bugrasi 56-2 Shaikh Jalal Khan
Bugrasi 56-3 Shaikh Allah Dad Khan
Bugrasi 56-4 Shaikh Fatah Ullah Khan
Bugrasi 56-5 Muhammad Saleem Khan
Bugrasi 56-6 Mubaraz Khan
Bugrasi 56-7 Fatah Khan
Bugrasi 56-8 Abdullah Khan Kotowal
Bugrasi 56-8 Azeem Ullah Khan
Bugrasi 56-9 Abdul Kabeer Khan
Bugrasi 56-9 Diwan Abdullah Khan
Bugrasi 56-10 Shaikh Ayyub Khan
Bugrasi 56-11 Shayasta Khan
Bugrasi 56-12 Abdul Rasool Khan
Bugrasi 56-13 Allo Khan
Bugrasi 56-14 Shaikh Abdul Rasool Khan
Bugrasi 56-14 Shaikh Himmet Khan
Bugrasi 56-15 Malik Bazaid Khail
Bugrasi 56-16 Sardar Khan
Bugrasi 58-1 Syed Abdullah Shah Bukhari
Bugrasi 58-2 Qazi Khuda Bakhsh
Bugrasi 58-3 Qazi Habeeb Ali

Chandyana 60-1 Shaikh Muhammad Khizar Khan (Founder of Chandyana)
Chandyana 60-2 Sarmast khan
Chandyana 60-2 Dawood Khan
Chandyana 60-3 Abdul Kareem Khan
Chandyana 60-4 Muhammad Hussain Khan
Chandyana 60-5 Yahya Khan
Chandyana 60-6 Faiz Ullah Khan
Chandyana 60-6 Salabat Khan
Chandyana 60-7 Hayat Khan
Chandyana 60-8 Ghulam Murtaza Khan
Chandyana 60-9 Muhammad Mehmood Khan
Chandyana 60-10 Muhmmed Aulia Khan
Chandyana 60-11 Muhammad Ambia Khan
Chandyana 60-12 Muhammad Bazeed Khan
Chandyana 60-13 Burhan Khan Moris-e-Aala
Chandyana 60-14 Muhammad Umar Khan Moris-e-Aala

Khanpur 74-1 Shaikh Yousuf Khan
Khanpur 74-2 Shaikh Suleman Khan

Hasanpur 86-1 Shaikh Hasan Khan
Hasanpur 86-2 Muhammad Munir Khan
Hasanpur 86-3 Khawaju Khan
Hasanpur 86-4 Mubaraz Khan
Hasanpur 90 Muhammad Ikhtiar Khan Jagirdaran
Hasanpur 88-1 Jungoo Khan Moris-e-Aala Nawwaban
Hasanpur 88-2 Hafiz Bahadur Ali Khan
Hasanpur 92-1 Muhammad Khan Moris-e-Aala Risaldaran
Hasanpur 92-2 Sadar Khan

Pooth 94-1 Nawab Darya Khan
Pooth 94-1 Sahibdad Khan
Pooth 94-2 Wilayat Khan

Bahadurgarh 116-1 Nawab Darya Khan (Founder of Bahadurgarh)
Bahadurgarh 116-2 Namdar Khan
Bahadurgarh 116-3 Deendar Khan
Bahadurgarh 116-4 Zabardast Khan
Bahadurgarh 116-5 Usman Khan
Bahadurgarh 116-6 Asghar Khan
Bahadurgarh 117 Ghulam Hasan Khan

Bahadurgarh Mohallah Bhagsi Muhammad Afzal Khan

Sherpur 122-1 Muhammad Umar Khan (Founder of Sherpur)
Sherpur 122-2 Bahadur Khan
Sherpur 122-3 Fatah Khan
Sherpur 122-4 Murad Khan
Sherpur 122-5 Khudadad Khan
Sherpur 122-6 Kaley Khan
Sherpur 122-6 Azam Khan
Sherpur 122-7 Tahir Khan
Sherpur 122-8 Abdul Rasool Khan

Muhammadpur (Rustampur) 124-1 Syed Rustam Ali Khan
Muhammadpur (Rustampur) 124-2 Syed Rehmat Ali Khan

Doulatpur 127 Muhammad Umar Khan

Girora 130-1 Muhammad Zareef Khan
Girora 130-1 Toley Khan
Girora 130-2 Hasan Khan
Girora 130-3 Ghulam Ali Khan
Girora 130-4 Abdullah Khan
Girora 130-4 Bahadur Khan
Girora 130-5 Baha-ud-Din Khan
Girora 130-5 Amjad Khan
Girora 130-6 Diler Khan
Girora 130-7 Abdul Nabi Khan
Girora 130-8 Muhammad Jeevan Khan
Girora 130-8 Muhammad Usman Khan

Jalalpur 134-1 Jalal Khan
Jalalpur 134-2 Ibrahim Khan
Jalalpur 134-2 Hidayat Khan
Jalalpur 134-3 Ibad Ullah Khan
Jalalpur 134-3 Janbaz Khan
Jalalpur 134-4 Ali Bahadur Khan
Jalalpur 134-5 Mustafa Khan
Jalalpur 134-5 Muhib Ullah Khan
Jalalpur 134-6 Saad Ullah Khan
Jalalpur 134-6 Saif Ullah Khan
Jalalpur 134-7 Hyder Khan
Jalalpur 134-8 Buland Khan
Jalalpur 134-8 Kaley Khan

Gesupur 138-1 Ilyas Khan
Gesupur 138-2 Jalal Khan
Gesupur 138-3 Haroon Khan
Gesupur 138-4 Salabat Khan
Gesupur 138-5 Shujaat Khan
Gesupur 138-6 Nusrat Khan
Gesupur 138-7 Izzat Khan
Gesupur 138-8 Aulia Khan
Gesupur 138-9 Sardar Khan
Gesupur 138-10 Faiz Ullah Khan
Gesupur 138-10 Abdullah Khan
Gesupur 138-11 Allahyar Khan
Gesupur 138-11 Baraham Khan
Gesupur 138-12 Muhammad Khan

Umarpur 140-1 Diwan Umar Khan Moris e Aala
Umarpur 140-1 Rehmat Khan
Umarpur 140-2 Ahmed Khan
Umarpur 140-3 Bhaikan Khan
Umarpur 140-4 Ali Sher Khan
Umarpur 140-5 Mannu Khan
Umarpur 140-6 Mallu Khan

Hayatpura 142-1 Hayat Khan Moris e Aala
Hayatpura 142-2 Ibad Ullah Khan

Muhiuddinpur Bukalana 144 Muhammad Badal Khan

Muhammadpur Barwala 146 Muhammad Umar Khan

Bharkaon 148 Shah Muhammad Khan

List of  Trees from Yadgar-e-Salf Part 2

Shahjahanpur 280 Nawab Bahadur Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-1 Gondi Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-2 Taj-ud-Din Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-3 Faiz Ullah Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-4 Saad Ullah Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-4 Mueen-ud-Din Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-5 Shamsheer Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-5 Jafar Khan
Shahjahanpur 280-6 Shahab-ud-Din Khan

Shahabad 375 Nawab Diler Khan
Shahabad 375 Dildar Khan
Shahabad 376 Fatah Mamoor Khan
Shahabad 376 Chand Khan

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